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There are a number of projects in various stages of development ranging anywhere from rough proposal phase to completed. The intent of this page is to try to centrally list projects and capture information about their status. Low level details of each project are not captured here. Instead, at least one link should be provided.

Hopefully this list encourages people to participate with others that have started down a project path. But don't be discouraged to explore another direction or propose new ideas and implementations. There can and will be overlapping projects (actually there already are).

It is also worth noting that Neuros is offering "Cash Money" Bounties for various projects, and expects to release some for the NeurosLink once we start to get some devices in the field.


Yellow Supported by fulltime Neuros devs and/or

expected to be included in official release

Gray Not yet an officially-supported feature


Projects in development

Move Networks Plug-in

Developer(s): Crweb cannot play reliably Links:
Summary: allows playback of the sites that use Move Networks ( and CW)


Contributor(s): Nerochiaro JoeBorn
  • Nero has some ideas that will be published shortly to get this working natively
  • supposedly working with MediaMall PlayOn
Summary: Allows playback of Netflix/Starz content


Contributor(s): CRWeb, Huanix, EA Durbin
  • iTunes 8 runs, but will only detect that a generic device exists, it cannot recognize it.
  • Cannot sync with iPods, iPhones yet
  • Developing a modified version of Wine for iTunes support "iTunes4linux"
Links: iTunes4Linux project wiki
Summary: Allows you to play back iTunes content

Crowd Narration

Contributor(s): MattJ
  • Conceptual so far
  • It's a fairly different application than the OSD, so there's work to be done
Links: Blog
Summary: Allows you to select from chatroom commentary superimposed on streaming video


Contributor(s): MattJ
  • Gateway applications to Jabber/XMPP
  • Trigger actions in response to XMPP events (incoming message, file transfer, or some fancy new protocol you design)
Links: Blog
Summary: A unified client gateway to the XMPP network


Contributor(s): Various, including Boxee Team Links: n/a
Summary: Allows you to use Boxee alongside other LINK programs. May use IR remote as well

Web Interface for Audio

Contributor(s): flg,JoeBorn Links: n/a
Summary: Allows you to control playback from your web enabled handheld, phone etc. XMMS2?

File Playback Testing

Testers: Pgunn Kelly ongoing Links: OSD Player Testing
Summary: Methodical testing of playing of media on the device for various firmware versions

Tivo Home Media Engine (HME) Simulator

Contributor(s): Khill In Planning Phase. Links: None Yet
Summary: This simulator would allow the device to leverage other applications that have already been built with the Tivo HME (see and for examples) including some Tivo HME apps that I am currently writing.

Classic Gaming on NeurosLINK

Contributor(s): Crweb Warcraft 2 working Links: forums
Summary: Using cedega, the windows emulator to allow windows games to be installed

Alternative Controllers

Gyration Air Mice/Keyboards

Contributor(s): Should work, yet to be tested Links: None Yet
Summary: This is about getting the Gyration air mice/keyboards to work

Nintendo Wii

Contributor(s): jsdf working, with some issues Links: OdNT
Summary: This is about getting the nintendo wii controller to work with the LINK

Standard IR remotes

Contributor(s): Jeroen Links: None Yet
Summary: This is about getting standard IR remotes to work with the LINK

XBOX 360 Controller and messenger kit

Contributor(s): Should work, yet to be tested Links: None Yet
Summary: This is about getting the XBox 360 controller and messenger pad to work with the NeurosLink

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