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Neuros has broadened the definition of its Beta Program to reflect the multiple facets of the community's involvement in product development.


Beta Products

First, as you can imagine, Neuros does a lot of product beta testing. Some of the beta samples are sent out for free. Sometime we charge a highly discounted rate. Either way, we rarely have enough samples to satisfy demand, and are typically offered to those active, qualified community members.

Sometimes the samples are for products we've developed internally, sometimes they are factory samples for categories we're just starting to investigate where we're looking for feedback on usage behavior etc.

Gamma Products

Once the hardware is tested and mature, there's typically a long way to go on the software side, so we created the Gamma Program which allows us to sell products with early stage software to those testers that want to get the benefits of getting in on the ground floor of a product's development. For more information, see the The_Gamma_Program page.

Beta Features

Even once the basic device functionality is mature, we're always adding new features, and those features and applications have to go through the typical testing process and require feedback from users. To that end, we setup small groups of dedicated testers like any software product would have. Because the Neuros devices are so versatile, it's just natural that not every user would use every feature. Some are focused on recording for home use, others for creating content for their iPods and the list goes on and on. To really evolve an application we need the users that are focused on using that application.

To that end, we will solicit the feedback from testers with surveys, informal mailing list discussions and of course all the familiar community tools that Neuros uses.

What's in it for You?


Neuros rewards active participants in a variety of ways, from free products to cash payments for surveys to cash bounty payments for developers, and of course, you get free swag.

How to Sign Up

As you can see, the Beta umbrella encompasses a variety of neuros programs. To make sure you get notified of any upcoming programs, make sure you are on our beta mailing list, and you'll be notified any time there are opportunities to participate.

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