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Neuros Technology | Products: LINK, OSD, Tablet | Developers


General Neuros Press

Chicago entrepreneur wants to change the way you watch TV April 15, 2009

SoCal Linux Expo Interview with Joe Born Feb 1, 2009

MaximumPC: A Newbie's Guide to Open-Source Hardware! October 23, 2008 Livin' La Vida Linux October 15, 2008 Developing the Neuros OSD: It Takes a Village June 23, 2008

Crowd Narration first US Presidential Debate




VLC Port to Neuros Linux

Slashdot VLC Hits the Device Market May 28, 2008 Slashdot logo.gif VLC porting on Neuros Open Internet Television HDPlatform May 28, 2008

TV Squad VLC coming to Neuros OSD May 29, 2008

TI/Neuros Bounties and Neuros team up to build open-source media platform April 22 2008 helps sponsor Linux device software "bounties" April 22 2008Ld-logo-short.gif and Texas Instruments create new bounty for next-gen Open Internet Television Platform April 21 2008

Unlocked Media Vendor of Linux-based DVR "unlocks" DRM December 28, 2007Ld-logo-short.gif

Rainy Day Magazine: Unlocked December 21, 2007 Dorian Benkoil - DRM Neuros(is) December 20, 2007 Unlocked Media" December 20, 2007 Unlocked Media:The Real 'PlaysforSure' December 19, 2007

Cnet A logo program I can get behind December 19, 2007 New logo program promotes DRM free content December 19, 2007 Unlocked Open Source Anti-DRM Logo December 19, 2007 Neuros Debuts Nifty Unlocked Anti-DRM Logo We Like December 19, 2007 Unlocked! Neuros's open logo for non-DRMed media and devices December 18, 2007Boingboinglogo.gif Neuros Technology Creates Unlocked Media Trademark to Promote DRM Free Media December 19, 2007 Neuros develops "Unlocked Media" brand for DRM-free stuff December 18, 2007Engadget.gif

Other hardware Open sesame June 5 2008 The Next Step For Open Source - Neuros OSD 3/25/08

Computer Shopper: First Look Neuros OSD "It's a great device that's easy to use and has a lot of potential." 3/7/2008 Neurostechnology, DRM, and the OSD 2/28/2008

The Post And Courier: OSD an amazing device for recording your VHS tapes February 18, 2008

Neuros OSD Much Cooler than TiVo February 11, 2008

School Library Journal:Neuros OSD Open to Developers February 1, 2008

City A.M.: Feel the future at your fingertips "In other words, as well as a space-saving household device, the Neuros OSD is a technogeek's dream come true." January 30, 2008

Gearlive, The Bleeding Edge: Neuros' Joe Born chats with us about open source media players January 30, 2008 The Neuros OSD: A New Paradigm for Consumer Devices? January 08, 2008 Open Source Car and More January 6, 2008

New York What This Gadget Can Do Is Up to You January 06, 2008

Open Source Software Companies Stu Phillips August 8, 2006

"Neuros: sensible politics from a hardware vendor." Digital Copyright Canada April 4, 2006

"Mobile device maker tips Linux transition tactics" Jan 12, 2006Ld-logo-short.gif

Neuros takes open source approach to hardware and software development N. Sanders, Newsforge Sept 21, 2005

"Video copying battle looms" Chicago Sun-Times

"Gadget bonanza: 2006 will be the year of choices" Chicago Tribune

"Neuros solicits feedback on Linux-based PMP/R design" Oct 18, 2005

Company Solicits Feedback on Next-Gen Recorder Slashdot Oct 19, 2005Slashdot logo.gif

Neuros open sources their hardware development Endgadget Oct 19, 2005Engadget.gif

"Neuros Wants You To Help Design Next PMP" Extreme Tech

The Linux Link Tech Show Audio Interview (Ogg File) (mp3 file)

"Can Open Source Outdo the iPod?" Slashdot -November 2, 2005Slashdot logo.gif

coverage of Neuros Message to Congress Jan 3, 2006 Cory Doctorow BoingBoingBoingboinglogo.gif

Something for Congress to stick in its analog hole and smoke David Berlind Blog ZDNET

NEUROS CES 2006 The Register Jan 11, 2006

CES 2006 DAP Review Jan 11, 2006

Neuros Roadmap EngadgetEngadget.gif

Neuros Audio Releases Its Hardware Schematics Slashdot -Dec 14, 2004Slashdot logo.gif

$1000 Bounty for Podcasting on the Neuros Slashdot -April 3, 2005Slashdot logo.gif Neuros Already Working on a New Media Streaming Device? August 27, 2007 What is Neuros working on? August 22, 2007 Is Neuros working on Neuros TV Unfiltered August 22, 2007Engadget.gif Collin Anderson Guest on InsidemacRadio August 6, 2007

Insightful quotes

Interesting Quotes from Slashdot article.Slashdot logo.gif

Neuros LINK

Tablet Controllers

NewTeeVee: Neuros CEO: Cheap Android Tablets Are Great Remotes Aug 23, 2010

MobileMag Sept 25, 2010

Gizmos for Geeks Oct 1, 2010

v1.2 "Phantom"

GearDiary: Review- Neuros Link April 10, 2010

Slashdot: How Neuros Built their nearly-silent HTPC April 11, 2010


Engadget:Neuros Intros Web Video Playing Link November 19, 2008

Zatz Not Funny:Neuros Unveils Next Generation Hardware November 19, 2008

LinuxDevices:Linux Connects TVs to 'Net Video November 19, 2008

GearDiary November 19, 2008

SlipperyBrick November 19, 2008

I4U November 19, 2008

jgadgets November 19, 2008

slashgear November 19, 2008

gadgetreview November 19, 2008

CrunchGear November 19, 2008

ArsTechnica November 20, 2008

CNET News November 20, 2008

Gizmo4you November 22, 2008 November 22, 2008

Jupiter Broadcasting Podcast November 22, 2008 Week in Review November 23, 2008 November 25, 2008

New York Times YouTube and Hulu Visit the Living Room December 4, 2008 December 22, 2008

Chicago Sun-Times Convergence on the Couch Jan 5, 2009

Red Ferret January 10, 2009

Networking Audio Video Jan 23, 2009 Hands on with the Neuros LINK Feb 11, 2009

Linux Loop The Set Top Box That’s More Than A Set Top Box Feb 12, 2009

DeviceGuru First Impressions of the Neuros LINK Feb 26, 2009

LinuxPlanet Feb 25, 2009

Slashdot Feb 27, 2009

Dr Dobbs Journal Open Source Television Aug 7, 2009

Slashdot Neuros LINK Mixes Quiet Aesthetics and Ubuntu August 10, 2009

Bounties December 18, 2008 December 18, 2008

SlashGear December 19, 2008 Jan 15, 2008


Engadget January 22, 2009

Crazy Engineers Forum January 22, 2009 January 22, 2009

Hackaday Jan 22, 2009

Press Neuros OSD


Geardiary Neuros planning for the OSD3 July 29, 2009

Engadget Neuros OSD 3 in development, makers want your input July 29, 2009

Slashgear Neuros OSD3 development kicks off: 1080p/60, eSATA and HTML5 July 29, 2009


OSD 2 Developer Kits on Sale Open set-top box ships September 16, 2008Ld-logo-short.gif

Engadget Neuros ships HD-capable OSD 2.0 set-top-box Sept 17, 2008 Engadget.gif

Boingboing Neuros open set-top box goes HD Sept 17, 2008 Boingboinglogo.gif

Electronista Neuros ships OSD 2.0 HD set-top box with Linux Sept 17, 2008

Slashgear Sept 17, 2008 Sept 17, 2008

Gizmodo Sept 17, 2008

CrunchGear Sept 17, 2008

ZDNet Neuros OSD 2 developer kit available, open source set-top for your TV Sept 18, 2008

Dr Augustine Fou Blog Sept 18, 2008

GeekBrief.TV Neuros OSD2 mention (end of segment) Sept 19, 2008

Pre launch OSD 2.0 Developer Kit Available for Pre-order September 9, 2008 Neuros OSD - Take 2 August 19, 2008 High-def coming to Neuros OSD2.0 platform August 19, 2008 Linux PVR and Media Centre gets HD August 19, 2008 Linux everywhere: mobile Internet devices and the cloud August 10, 2008

arstechnica: Neuros open set-top box puts Linux in living rooms July 29, 2008 Neuros OSD 2.0 March 18 2008


"thedvdracktimes" DVD Racks Blog notes that anyone should see Jan 3, 2010

need an update on this large gap The 10 gadgets you should get for Christmas - and 2009 November 21, 2008 Top Ten Reasons the OSD Would Be a Great Christmas Gift... November 2, 2008 Why I Love my Neuros OSD October 19, 2008 Better than the other Guys "...I have NEVER had customer service like that in my life...Obviously you just can’t go wrong dealing with Neuros and their products. Buy them, you’ll like them..." October 2008 Use the web without using a browser August 28, 2008 BUY Neuros OSD Media Center ONLINE August 28, 2008 Neuros OSD gets a free/open web-browser for your TV August 27, 2008 Last Man on Last.FM? August 21 2008 Neuros OSD now does August 20, 2008

Global Traveler "Neuros OSD: ...amazing gizmo" August 2008 $$$ Bounty for the Neuros/Mediafly integration August 11, 2008 Neuros-powered WhereverTV brings international channels to your TV August 11, 2008

Home Media Magazine August 11, 2008 Digital devices are tailor-made for your lifestyle August 9, 2008 Re: neuros OSD PVR? August 5, 2008 Neuros open set-top box puts Linux in living rooms August 3, 2008 Neuros OSD Media Center August 2, 2008 The Prize: Three Neuros OSDs July 30, 2008 Linux per l'intrattenimento domestico July 30, 2008 Open Source and the Digital Living Room July 29, 2008 BUY Neuros OSD Media Center ONLINE July 29, 2008

Maxim UK: Neuros OSD Entertainment System "If it’s shiny, black and looks like it could come from the Death Star, we’re all over it" July 2008 Neuros OSD July 22, 2008 Conference Explores Digital Life July 17, 2008 Neuros OSD browser - linux application(repost) July 16, 2008 WhereverTV Bows Web-Based International TV Receiver July 14, 2008 Neuros OSD Gives International Channels To Your TV July 11, 2008 WhereverTV Set-Top Box Launched - Over 2,000 Channels of International Programming July 10, 2008 New IPTV set-top box promises international content for a flat fee July 9, 2008 Neuros-powered WhereverTV brings international channels to your TV July 9, 2008 WhereverTV Delivers Hundreds of International Television Channels to Any Standard TV with the Introduction of the WhereverTV Receiver July 9, 2008

What's New Now "The Neuros of the more interesting tales in tech history." July 1, 2008 Test Drive: Neuros OSD (Jeff Hastings on the open-source media recorder/player) June 30, 2008 Crowd Narration: The Future of TV June 30 2008 Great Price on Neuros OSD Media Center for Sale June 29 2008 Developing the Neuros OSD: It Takes a Village June 23 2008

LinuxInsider: Home-Brewed Entertainment the Open Source Way June 20 2008 Win a Neuros OSD from Neuros Technology and ArsGeek June 16 2008 New Job: Neuros Technologies June 15 2008 The Neuros OSD June 13 2008 Tech review: Neuros OSD records video onto a memory card or hard drive June 13 2008

Continental: Neuros OSD"The Neuros OSD allows you to liberate your movies from their media" June 2008

NBC5 WeekEnd Web: The Neuros OSD May 31, 2008 its OS gets fatter, OSD owners get a free CF card May 31 2008 to Be Integrated into the Next Generation Neuros HDPlatform Architecture June 2 2008 Instruments releases free DSP compiler May 29 2008 media player coming to the Neuros OSD May 29 2008 Archive And Store VHS Tapes & More May 20 2008 for Manually Mapping Synology DS207+ Shared Folder from the Neuros OSD May 15 2008 OSD Digitally Store and Easily Access DVDs, VHS Tapes and Video Content May 13 2008 OSD recording and streaming system review May 1 2008 OSD recording and streaming system review April 25 2008 TMS320 April 17 2008 Daily Giz Wiz with Dick DeBartolo April 14 2008 Review: Neuros OSD MP4 Video Recorder + the Mac April 7 2008 Design The OhGizmo! T-Shirt, Win Stuff April 3 2008 Down With DRM Video Contest Winners Announced! March 9 2008 First Flight: Neuros OSD February 28, 2008 Technophile OSD Review ...I think it has a big future" February 28, 2008 Neurostechnology, DRM, and the OSDFebruary 28, 2008 OSD an amazing device for recording your VHS tapes February 18, 2008 New device can get that old video collection digitized February 16, 2008 Neuros OSD: Much cooler than Tivo February 11, 2008 Etan Horowitz | User's Guide February 9, 2008 Neuros OSD Open to Developers February 1, 2008

TreoCentral:The Neuros OSD- Record anything. Store anywhere. Play everywhere. January 30, 2008 Open Source Hardware? January 29, 2008 Neuros OSD - one device to organise all of your mediaJanuary 28, 2008 Neuros OSD - one device to organise all of your media January 28, 2008 The Neuros OSD Unboxing May 24, 2007 VNC Server on OSD: Remote Control via Computer January 23, 2008 New Neuros OSD hack - How to control your OSD remotely from your PC January 23, 2008 Hack Your Media Player - Neuros OSD Open Source Media Player January 23, 2008 Neuros Technology - Neuros OSD review January 23, 2008 Neuros Technology Neuros OSD review - IT Reviews January 22, 2008 Getting Back Into Open Source January 21, 2008 Neuros OSD Open Source Media Player January 21, 2008 Hack Your Media Player - Neuros OSD Open Source Media Player January 21, 2008 Hack Your Media Player January 21, 2008 LXer: Hack Your Media Player - Neuros OSD Open Source Media Player January 21, 2008 BBC iPlayer could be coming to Apple TV January 17, 2008 BBC is also looking into other ways to get content onto the TV, such as the Xbox 360 or the Neuros OSD January 17, 2008 Review: Neuros OSD January 16, 2008 Open Hardware January 14, 2008 Review: Neuros OSD media streaming device January 11, 2008 Neuros Whips Old Media into Shape January 08, 2008 The Neuros OSD: A New Paradigm for Consumer Devices? January 08, 2008 Open Hardware Video Recorder: OS Goes Mainstream. January 07, 2008 Video recorder invites hackers to tinker January 07, 2008 neuros osd January 07, 2008 Open Source Cars and More January 06, 2008 What This Gadget Can Do Is Up to You January 06, 2008 Open Source Hardware Enters the Mainstream January 06, 2008 Open Source Hardware Gets Public Introduction January 06, 2008Slashdot logo.gif Neuros OSD, Open Source Video Recorder, Grabs My Attention January 05, 2008 Treocentral Best Of 2007 "Neuros astounding little device that all but makes the VCR obsolete!.." December 27, 2007 Neuros OSD Linux Media Recorder December 25, 2007 Neuros OSD "Yes [the Neuros OSD] has sucked out my passion to write, draw, and complete my plans for world peace as I have a ton of films to store and watch, but I just see mental vegetation as one step closer to Zen. I AM the Buddha. Thank you Neuros!" December 10, 2007

Chicago Suntimes: A Windy City Wonderland December 9, 2007

PDA France In French December 7, 2007 TiVo and Neuros OSD Integration Bounties from DVRupgrade December 5, 2007 TiVo Lovers - Hack the Neuros OSD and TiVo, make up to $3500 November 30, 2007 Hack a Neuros to Play Nice With TiVo: $3500 and Simultaneous Mobile Recording Will Be Your Reward November 30, 2007 Neuros offers $3500 in bounties for TiVo synchronization solution November 30, 2007 Developing for TI DSPs suddenly 20x cheaper November 25, 2007 Free-to-use compiler from TI November 18, 2007 TI frees its DSP toolchain for open source apps November 16, 2007 Competition: Win a Linux-based Neuros OSD November 6, 2007 The Linux-based Neuros OSD October 26, 2007 Neuros Technology Favourite Comments October 24, 2007 Product alert: Neuros Open Source Device October 24, 2007 Boing Boing Gadgets at Pop!Tech; Neuros Contest October 18, 2007Boingboinglogo.gif Neuros x Boing Boing Gadgets Prop Contest October 17, 2007Boingboinglogo.gif Neuros OSD, Digital Freedom October 12, 2007

Neuros OSD- A Further Review Adam Sweet Sept 30, 2007 Neuros OSD record video to your iPod, PSP, smart phone September 28, 2007 Neuros OSD September 9, 2007 Neuros OSD Media Player in House August 29, 2007 Back to School Must Haves August 6, 2007 Review of the Neuros OSD DVR and Streaming Appliance August 3, 2007 Youtube for your TV enters its beta phase July 31, 2007 Neuros OSD, Replacement of all your A/V units July 27, 2007 Brand New HD-Fury and NEUROS OSD for Sale July 26, 2007 July Contest Reminder July 24, 2007 Linux device gains UPnP stack July 19, 2007 uPNP audio streaming to the Neuros OSD July 17, 2007 uPNP audio streaming to the Neuros OSD July 17, 2007 Youtube intrudes into your bedroom July 16, 2007 A quick look at the Neuros OSD July 13, 2007 LUG Radio Live! Notes July 12, 2007

SDRNews SDR2007-07-09 Slashdot, Digg Reddit podcast: YouTube Open Source Plugin for Neuros OSD starts at 10 min 40 sec July 9, 2007Slashdot logo.gif Better Than AppleTV? Neuros OSD Does The Full YouTube July 6, 2007 The more we use this device, the more amazed we are at what it can do... July 6, 2007 Linux Media Centre Integrates YouTube July 5, 2007 YouTube on Neuros OSD July 5, 2007 Open Source Community Enables YouTube Browsing on Neuros OSD July 5, 2007 media centre integrates YouTube July 4, 2007 How The INQUIRER helped debug OSD hardware July 2, 2007 Open Source Community Enables YouTube Browsing on Neuros OSD June 30, 2007 Open Source Community Enables YouTube Browsing on Neuros OSD June 30, 2007

My Space Podcasting News: Neuros OSD Gets YouTube Support June 30, 2007 Better than AppleTV? Neuros OSD does the full YouTube June 29, 2007 Take That Apple! June 29, 2007 Open Source Community Enables Youtube Browsing on Neuros OSD June 29, 2007 Neuros Open Set-Top-Box June 28, 2007 Open Source Community Enables YouTube Browsing on Neuros OSD June 27, 2007 Neuros OSD Media Center Adds YouTube Support June 27, 2007 Neuros OSD media center adds YouTube support June 27, 2007 Neuros OSD - Linux driven PVR with lots of extra goodies June 27, 2007 Neuros OSD YouTube Browsing Enabled June 27, 2007

TVsquad: Who needs an AppleTV? Neuros OSD gets YouTube June 27, 2007 Neuros’ open-source OSD media box gets YouTube upgrade June 27, 2007

Make: Open source community makes YouTube browsing on Neuros OSD June 27, 2007 OSD gets beta YouTube browser June 27, 2007Engadget.gif Neuros OSD brings Youtube on the TV June 27, 2007 The Neuros OSD Now Allows YouTube Playback June 26, 2007

PC World: Neuros OSD Meets YouTube June 26, 2007 Open Source Community Enables Youtube Browsing on Neuros OSD June 26, 2007 Neuros open PVR gets YouTube support, courtesy of hackers June 26, 2007Boingboinglogo.gif Youtube makes its way onto TV with the Neuros OSD June 26, 2007

Neuros: Enabling consumers May 30, 2007

Neuros: We Work For You, Not For Hollywood Efflogo.png

Macrovision infects Windows Media Center May 21,2007Boingboinglogo.gif

Neuros OSD: a set-top box that treats you like an owner May 15,2007 Boingboinglogo.gif

Neuros to AppleTV hackers: hack our set-top box! April 27, 2007Boingboinglogo.gif

Neuros solicits help from AppleTV Hackers April 28, 2007 Slashdot logo.gif

The Register: AppleTV Hackers called to create Open Set-Top Box April 27, 2007

Popular Mechanics: Neuros OSD Digital Media Fixer Streams TV Shows, MP3s and More April 2007 Logo popularmechanics.gif

Tiny Linux-based DVR has potential "Neuros Audio's tiny Linux-based DVR (digital video recorder) has lots of potential...Neuros Audio has long been in the vanguard of small consumer electronics device vendors in terms of collaborating with the open source community."Ld-logo-short.gif

linuxlookup "It's great, it really is."

Open Source Gift Guide "The Neuros OSD was created to connect user's computer and entertainment worlds."

Neuros OSD Best of Show Media Device "Great technology solves problems, and the Neuros OSD solves a bunch of them...Think of the OSD as the bridge among all your entertainment systems." Oct 13,2006 Dl2006.jpg

Neuros Prepping Linux-Based OSD Embedded Media Center with Hackable Firmware Sept 26, 2006 Ehomeupgradelogo.gif

Neuros OSD announced Sept 24, 2006 Dapreview.jpg

Neuros OSD Linux Media Recorder Beta Sept 24, 2006 Ubergizmologo.jpg

Linux hackers get first dibs on next-gen DVR Sept 22, 2006 Linux logo.gif

What A Concept: Encouraging The Community To Make Your Product Better Sept 21, 2006 Techdirtlogo.gif

[1] Sept 21, 2006

Neuros introduces open-source media center Sept 21, 2006 Macworld logo.gif

Neuros Technology Releases Beta of Next-Gen DVR Called Neuros OSD Sept 20, 2006 Dvrplayground.gif

Open PVR from Neuros: cash money to owners who hack it Sept 20, 2006 Boingboinglogo.gif

Linux Hackers Get First Dibs on Next Generation DVR Sept 20, 2006 Ld-logo-short.gif

First Look: Neuros OSD Hackable Linux Video Recorder Sept 20, 2006 Gizmodo.JPG

Neuros OSD hardware out in beta, let the hacking begin! Sept 20, 2006 Engadget.gif

Linux Hackers Offered Early Access to Next-Gen DVR Sept 20, 2006 Slashdot logo.gif

Only for Programmers: Neuros OSD Linux Media Recorder Sept 20,2006 News i4u logo.jpg

Press Neuros OSD (Chinese) WhereverTV brings international channels to your TV July 09, 2008 Hardware: "open source" digital recorder January 07, 2008 "open source" digital recorder January 07, 2008 Neuros OSD, free your media! December 12, 2007 Competition: Win a based on linux Neuros OSD November 06, 2007 Linux framework video recorder offer rewards to ecncourage the developers September 21, 2007 Neuros to AppleTV hacker: coming to hack our NEUROS OSD! July 09, 2007 Neuros employ the hacker and developer July 02, 2007 Neuros vacation program for open source (award of $4500 per project) March 26, 2007 Neuros vacation program March 24, 2007

Press Neuros 442

Chicago NBC5 Weekend Web "Podcast"

Newsforge, PMP gains Linux-based firmware upgrade December 5, 2005,

wired, Ubergizmo, engadget,

p2pnet, krunker, Softpedia, MP3NewsWire.ney

Dark Vision Hardware,, ARM,

Press Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder 2

With 100% positive reviews by users and experts, Neuros Recorder 2 best of DVR class on

Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2 Plus - What I Want For Father’s Day June 2007

Consumer Electronic Association "Hot Holiday Products on CEA's Tour" October 2006

American Chronical 8/23/06

Slashphone 8/16/06

Slashgear 8/16/06

Reghardware 8/10/2006

Macworld 8/7/2006

Amazon 7/27/06

PDA Reviews 7/17/06 7/17/06

Gizmos for Geeks 7/11/06

The Jem Report 7/11/06

Best Stuff 7/6/06

Ubergizmo 7/5/06

iLounge 6/30/06

Playlist 6/30/06

Denver Post "New Toys" 6/26/06

Dave Graveline "into Tomorrow" Top 10

Engadget 5/18/06Engadget.gif

Reghardware 5/18/06

Macworld 5/18/06

infoworld 5/16/06 5/8/2006

Maxconsole 5/5/2006

Cyber 9, KTSM TV: A "VCR" For PSP, I Pod Video

Cyberguy, WB National TV, CyberGuy (View video "Extreme Ipod Makeover" 2:30 in) 4/28/06

Dick DeBartolo and Leo Laporte Podcast 4/27/06

XGPGaming 4/20/06

Stuff Magazine 4/15/06

IGN 4/10/06

Stuff Magazine 3/31/06

Engadget 3/30/06Engadget.gif

Makezine 3/23/06

Dallas Morning News, King 5 Seattle News, Northwest Cable News "insanely easy to use and requires no software" Victor Godinez.

"No More Problems With Putting Video On Portables!" 3/16/06

Redeye (Chicago), "(the Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2) is perfect for converting your favorite simpson's episodes", Sam Jemielty 3/16/06

MoPo 3/16/06

Mobilewhack: Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2 - How Cool Is This! 3/15/06

Digital Lifestyle 3/7/06

Gizmos for Geeks 3/6/06

The Desert Sun 3/6/06 3/4/06 3/4/06

Tiny Video Recorder Delivers versatility at moderate cost, Pioneer Press 3/3/06

Technology News 2/15/06

Make Video, core77

Dapreview 2/2/06, iLounge, engadget 2/2/06,Engadget.gif Kotaku 2/2/06

MPEG 4 Recorder Reg Hardware 2/1/06

Gizmodo, Rainy Day Magazine

Digital VCR unlocks video potential of 5G iPod applelinks

Standalone video recorder for iPod Neuros Showcases Digital Video Jan 20,2006

LinuxTech show- mp3 file Jan 20, 2006 (go to 27:10)

Washington Post, ABC News, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicagotribune, Digital World The Sun, Twice, Stuff Magazine, Biosmagazine,prweb, Dec 2, 2005,

PSP GameZone, PSPzones, psxextreme, sonyPSPreview, PSPupdates,, pspworld, SonyPSPgames, addict3D

Gadget turns all your video into iPod/PSP/phone/laptop videoBoingBoing Dec 1, 2005

EndgadgetEngadget.gif, The Register, Gizmodo, i4u, infosyncworld, pvrwire

Cnet Asia, Cnet,, Zdnet Blog Comment,

Mobilewhack, Mobiletechreview, MobileMag, Pocketnow,

Gadgetmadness, p2pnet, Geek News Central, Geekblue, Gadgetcentre, newlaunches, ShinyShiny, gadgets-weblog

Macworld, Applelinks, TechAngel, Productdose, ehomeupgrade, Playfuls, MIT Advertising Lab, emedialive, JadeTower

Press Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder 1

Wired Magazine, December 2005: Voted one of the greatest holiday gadget, Wired Tools 2005.

Engadget Feb 3, 2005

Gizmodo "Neuros Audio's new set-top video recorder is pretty nifty" Product of the week

textamerica "it's an amazing little powerhouse!"

Movietrack "The beauty of this device is that it enables the 'not-so-technologically-astute' individual to fully exploit the capabilities of digital content by altogether eliminating the need for a PC."

Digitalmediathoughts " could hack your Tivo, but that takes at least four things: Time, effort, know-how, and a Tivo. Roughly the size of a PDA, Neuros’s stand-alone MPEG4 Recorder is by far the most hassle-free way to create MPEG4 files. And did someone say multifunctional? No, but somebody should have."

Neuros Audio Computer

"I'm definitely impressed with the features of the Neuros player and the level of cool things you can do with it...Overall, the Neuros player is a feature rich MP3 player with some luxury details that is sure to catch the eye of the tech freak." Neuros MP3 Player

atruereview "I would highly recommend the Neuros MP3 Digital Audio Computer to anyone who wants a personal MP3 player"

Linux and Ogg Vorbis users can rejoice as they have in the Neuros a portable that caters to their needs. Though not perfect, it's a good all around player for all.

Then I received the 20gb version and thought "wow, this thing is really a brick". During the couple of weeks that I've been using both units, their size has grown on me.

we can't complain about its excellent sound quality. Music sounded clear, with no perceptible hiss and plenty of detail on the high and low ends (20Hz to 20,000Hz).

Neuros Products Reviews

Reviews of Neuros Products

General Information on Digital Rights (not necessarily Neuros)

Unintended Consequences: Seven years under the DMCA EFF Report April 2006

Analog Hole: Today the USA, Tomorrow the World Slyck News Jan 27, 2006 (quotes from Neuros)

Broadcoast Flag, back again

Digital Rights Manifesto Revealed The Inquirer, Wendy M Grossman

New Linux license takes aim at DRM and Hollywood

Congress Takes Aim at Analog Hole, John P. Mello Jr

Fears raised over digital rights BBC

Shop 'Til They Lock, Ryan Singel (quotes from Neuros)

Digital Rights

Watermarks: A better DRM than DRM itself? David Berlind Blog ZDNET

Recording Industry vs The People "A blog devoted to the RIAA's lawsuits of intimidation brought against ordinary working people."

Copyrights FAQ

Supreme court opinion Sony v Universal City Studios

Limitations on Exclusive Rights: Fair Use

Stanford University on Fair Use

Stanford University Fair Use Four Factors

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) 1998

Wikipedia:What is DRM?

Wikipedia:Digital Transition Content Security Act

EFF on Fair Use and Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Tentative legislation to close the "analog hole":

Digital Media Consumers’ Rights Act Section-by-Section Description

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