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Nero avatar.gif
Other Names:
Where to Find: IRC, mailinglist
Areas of Expertise: Ruby, .NET
Secondary Expertise: C, Lua
Member Since: 2003 ?
Group Membership: Official Neuros Team
Accomplishments: N2: Filebrowser + HOWTO Build on Linux w/ Wine, OSD: Project Lobster (LUA+OSD)
Primary Products: N2
Other Communities:
Location: Milan, Italy
Website: an empty site


Official Neuros Team Member

Nerochiaro Joins Fulltime

After being a part of the community as a volunteer hacker, Nero "went to the dark side" and joined full time in March of '07. --JoeBorn 06:28, 15 March 2007 (CDT)

A monkey with a C compiler

The title is a quote shamelessly stolen from DeepB.

It quite accurately describe me as a developer, at least as far as C (and generally GNU/Linux) is concerned.

My skill level allows me to dive into a piece of software which is already (more or less) "working" and hack on that to fix things, add new features or simply understand why something does what it does. However i'm still pretty green when it comes to setting up anything from scratch, especially regarding the GNU toolchain (gcc, autotools etc).

The same can be said about my ability to configure, administer and alter a GNU/Linux system: I understand the basic concepts, can tweak it to a good degree and find my way around most problems. But my knowledge of the inner workings is still hazy, to say the best.
And most importantly Linux on embedded is still a big question mark to me in various areas.

So the OSD is going to be a good learning experience, if people are willing to be patient with me.

Changelog (News)

I'm not goin to keep updates in here anymore. I suck at keeping these things up to date.

Other random things about me

  • I did some hacking on the old N2 (which still serves me very well to this day)
  • I hang around in #neuros helping out with what i can
  • I am toying around with Enlightenment stuff since i'm sure one day raster will finally be able to make it work on the DM320 products -- scratch that, i'm actually making it work myself on the OSD right now.

Joe's quote

Joe recently added to this page what follows (gives me a bit too much credit, though ^_- ):

"Nerochiaro is one of the most senior and influential Neuros hackers. He was instrumental in holding the Neuros community together through a period of substantial transition. Although his Neuros hacking began with the original Neuros Digital Audio Computer, he has stayed involved and recently recruited rasterman and others to the OSD project."

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